Monday it is such a nice day!

So today is Monday and it is work again! It is such a great weather sunny and warm, such a different from the past few days actually have been pretty coldish… 16 degrees and today was 20 degrees when i left home to go to work.

The weather keept being better and better, and the heat was getting stronger for each passing minute… But the day kept going and it was a great day and we stayed inside after being outside for abit after lunch.

But when i got home i had no energy left cause ecven tho it was great weather the heat took its toll on me and i needed to take the rest of the day inside, tho the inside was as warm as the outside… I dont like the spring cause i cant have windows open to let some cold eveening and night air inside cause pollen…

But tomorrow im off work and we will see what i will be doing, it all depends how the weather is!

Hope you are staying safe everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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