Thursday the weather cant make up its mind!

Yes today was an intensly hot day.. above 20 degrees again…

I did some chores today aswell as some laundry since the weather was perfect to let it hang outside to dry.

And now we stepped into August wich means its less then one month left before uni starts again and a whole year of studies will start again!

Its exciting since we are gonna have some of my favorite subjects!

Then next Year its only 2 semesters left until i got my bachelor degree, like its insane how fast 3.5 years go! Already done 1.5 years.

Tomorrow is Friday and last work day for this week!

In a week or 2 ima start looking for next semesters books for the coming subjects so that is gonna be nice!

It will be intressting to see what this year of studies brings to the table. There probably will be laughter, tears, panic, ready to rip my hair out due to the pressure but just gotta continue to walk forward!

Hope you enjoyed your Thursday!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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