Friday work almost ended early cause allergies.

So yes i do have allergies to a few things wich makes me extra cautious when it comes to what i eat.

Todays lunch was Chicken and potatoe sallad BUT what i didnt know when i was taking food was that in this was a piece of a fruit that i am highly allergic to and can send me to hospital IF it goes wrong.

I had started eating when i suddenly hear a teacher at the second table saying “oh this wasnt a potatoe this is a piece of an apple” I look over and she notice my reaction and says oh yea your allergic arent you. I nod and say luckily i havent gotten any apple so far but still, i go out to the kitchen to get it confirmed if there is pieces of apple in the sallad. Surely enough it is and i get a new plate and enjoy some vegtables instead and the day continued without problems.

But yes i am fine luckily but who knows next time i maybe wont be as lucky..

Now its weekend and i will be enjoying it!

Hope you will enjoy your weekend aswell!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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