Saturday movies and a nostalgia trip!

Today i went to the theaters again! This time the movies:

Lion King and Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw was on the menu!

The Lion King:

Todays first movie the Lion King was the biggest nostalgia hit i been waiting for! But the movie was good for a remake of the old classic but they did make a few changes that to me didnt sit well… To be fair they did make a great adaptation to some of the classic scenes and the feelings did hit home for me at the big moments. Surely i understand WHY they did some changes to the scenes so they added something new from the old, some good and some bad changes.

Dont take me wrong i liked the Lion King i loved the original and i do find this to be a good remake. There was a few scenes where i did have a hard time following cause they had made quite a change in that scene from the old classic one. But the final result is a well made movie that did hit my nostalgia quite hard and im happy to have seen it!

Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw:

This movie was intressting take on a breakout from the old fast and furious movies.

I gotta say the amount of bickering between these 2 characters are quite refreshing and i myself dont find it getting annoying or even dragged on forcefully. No to me they seem like an old married couple, but it feels refreshing (as already stated).

The villain in the story makes for a subpar villain in my eyes at sometimes in the movie but at other times is a good amount of evil villain as needed in these movies.

The plot was ok and quite entertaining at times but all in all the movie kept me entertained for the 2 hours and 15 minutes that this movie is!

The amount of explosions and fight scenes was a good amount aswell and yes this was a good enjoyable movie for me. BUT i would have done some other edits to the movie but other then that it was fairly easy to follow the timeline and what was happening in the movie.

Ryan Renolds are in the movie aswell and brings that deadpool feel to the movie at certain points so that was nice laughing pauses.

If you go and watch either of these movies tell me what YOU thought of them!


By Dan

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