Sunday ori and the will of the wisps review.

Today i tried out Ori and the will of the wisps, i loved the first ori game as it gave me some really rollercoaster of emotions playing through it.. So it starts off where the first game pretty much left of. The happy story and then 5 or 10 minutes later the adventure starts! A…… Continue reading Sunday ori and the will of the wisps review.

Saturday movies and discussions.

Today i went to the movies again, been a month since the last time! But today the movies were: Countdown and 21 Bridges. Countdown is a horror drama movie, more horror then drama in my opinion. The movie is about an app called countdown that states that “do you wanna know when you will die”…… Continue reading Saturday movies and discussions.

Saturday movies and a nostalgia trip!

Today i went to the theaters again! This time the movies: Lion King and Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw was on the menu! The Lion King: Todays first movie the Lion King was the biggest nostalgia hit i been waiting for! But the movie was good for a remake of the old classic but…… Continue reading Saturday movies and a nostalgia trip!

Saturday another movie night!

So today is Saturday and my friend and i booked another movie evening for the big screen! Today we are gonna watch both A star is Born and Mary Poppins returns, wich is gonna be exciting to see how they are. From the reviews and overall talk about the movies people are talking about them…… Continue reading Saturday another movie night!