Saturday movies and discussions.

Today i went to the movies again, been a month since the last time! But today the movies were: Countdown and 21 Bridges.

Countdown is a horror drama movie, more horror then drama in my opinion.

The movie is about an app called countdown that states that “do you wanna know when you will die” kind of thing. Some friends download it for fun and one get 50ish years another 60ish but one friend gets 3 hours.

She who gets 3 hours is not the main character in this movie but the app is introduced to us the viewers in this way and you understand quickly what this movie will be all about.

I personally hate horror movies but somehow this movie after it was over and i sat and regretted ever going to watch this for a big amount of the movie, actually i felt happy to have watched it after i left the room. It wasnt the best movie, it wasnt the worst it was an ok movie and glad it was over.

The second movie 21 bridges are an action movie about a detective when he was a kid had his father killed. (The father was a cop). This detective has a “bad reputation” reguarding shooting people, but the longer into the movie we get the more we understand that this detective does not just shoot people. The movie all surround an robbery gone wrong were 8 cops were killed by the robbers and this detective now have a few hours to find the robbers and solve the case.

It is a pretty laidback action movie with good amount of shooting and chasing action.

The movie title “21 bridges” refer to a certain place were this all happends. Throughout the movie we get closer look on what goes through the minds of both the robbers and the detective, are the robbers the real villains or are there maybe something bigger going on in the background?

This has been a great day and tomorrow im gonna focus on uni stuff before it is time to go back once again.


By Dan

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