Monday lets be serious.

So today is a new week and its been a good day and all but when i got home i felt really drained and uninspired.

I know a few things im really passionate about but i dont really talk about them in real life. So i feel like bringing them up here and why my passion is in that perticular thing.

The first thing i am passionate about is ghosts, angels and paranormal things, i might not seem that way but this have been influencing me from a young age aswell as feeling haunted a few times aswell. Wich have been intresting. The supernatural/paranormal is just something that keeps reminding me how much i truely believe in both a life after this and reincarnation cause of experiences that truely have no real explanation. (Especially when it happends both as a younger age and adult age.)

The second thing i am passionate about is video games and that is no secret i love trying new games, learning about the game story and explore that new world. Also the fact about exploring and the story have affected me for ages. One of my favorite series are the Pokemon and Assassins Creed series as they contain a whole world to explore and finding secrets. Assassins Creed kinda intrest me cause of the lore and reincarnation. To learn about a life that lived and died before our time is quite an endeavor. But i will also say that currently the biggest game in my current history thats been with me since 2007/2008 and that is Maplestory wich is a game where you created different characters and each character can have a class. With skills abilities and fighting styles. I have tried them all more then once and just resently i decided to stop thinking “main” (a character you primarily focus on and make stronger) this have always been a problem for me seeing as i really enjoy alot of characters!

But Maplestory is more about the social aspect of the game, meeting new people, playing together, beating bosses and training together thats where this game shine. The players (called maplers) aim to kill bosses by themself (so called “soloing”) wich is an exciting part of the game aswell to see how far you can get yourself.

I am happy where i am currently in maplestory and i have found a new peace while playing wich i havent had in quite a few years playing. But yea mapler for life!

The third thing im passionate about is kinda split between cooking/baking and experiment with various ingredients when it comes to me in the form of a recipe wich sounds delicious so i try it atleast once or twice to make sure it is good. The second part is being creative in both own sketching / photoshop / video editing experiments these are things i absolutly am excited to do when motivation and time excist!

The first part is something i done since i was a kid and helped making food, and the second part is something i picked up now as an adult about 3 years ago i started playing around in both Sony Vegas and Photoshop and just had fun doing it!

I am not by any means “good” at it but that doesnt matter cause its just fun playing around!

Made quite a long post but felt like today was a good day to just write down everything.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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