Sunday the ground is White!

So the cold has come and the frost and snow is now on the ground making the world abit brighter, after all the grey boring nature scen it is refreshing seeing white and sparkling world envelope my town.

But christmas is coming closer and that means time off from work and spent together with family. Wich is something i think alot of people are looking forward.

I have a question come up once in awhile and that is “am i where i wanna be?” A year ago or so i believe i answered that with yes i am, but today i am unsure. I feel abit misplaced but that will probably dissapear over time.

Next week is upon us and we are entering the final month of 2020 and i have been waiting for 11 months for this month to be here cause francly 1st of January i already felt like this year would be a bad one and mayority of it havent been great.

But then again i have done somethings to make it better for me atleast but still happy that its soon over!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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