So today is a new week and its been a good day and all but when i got home i felt really drained and uninspired. I know a few things im really passionate about but i dont really talk about them in real life. So i feel like bringing them up here and why my […]

Yepp i have spent today with reading this weeks litterature and playing around in Photoshop when i took breaks. This week is a total of 300 pages and i finished 200 today doing the last tomorrow. But it is a great subject, toddler communication strategies and ways for preschool teacher to see it. I feel […]

Today i havent really done much, taken a relax day and just playing around with all various functions in Photoshop. So what have i tested in PS? I tried making small banners, mishmash of various images, and just general try and make some fun images! I also watched some animé and just had a good […]