2019 Year Recap!

Yes so today is the last day of 2019! It has been an emotional and exausting year in so many ways and i personally am glad its over and that i hopefully can enter 2020 with a new mindset that will be neccessary!

So what has happend this year? Lets take a look shall we!

January This month didnt really came with anything except a new semester started and this semester would turn out to be a HUGE painfull experience for me. This semester was gonna set my whole emotional range in motion. But i get into that as this year progresses!

February February came and i had an exam in math for kids and it was fun cause i had an idea, but when we had the vocal exam my idea wasnt even close to being that great as i thought. Tho i had a clear idea on how to use and in what context but yea it wasnt my best idea! It was a cold month i remember that but it was this that happend in February.

March In march i started my internship so that was all the focus i had for this month, i loved the internship and i had some issues with exams that i didnt manage to pass until the summer break was upon me, but i passed it with no problems!

April This was the month where i started being more creative and started with digital art i made some art i was very satisfied with. All by using the mouse and keyboard and it was great! This was something that got me going through this month. This month was also the heaviest uni wise, cause i was being targeted with some really bad things, so this ended up with me talking to the administrator aswell as the student counsler and that got me through the trouble i had.

April also had the big car expo i go to every year (almost every year aswell)!

May Came and went really fast i was struggeling with my last exams that i had to pass to pass to get to continue onto the 4th semester! So i was stressing over the last exams and even more exams that i hadnt got back yet. In the end of May i got the results from two of the exams and they had a passing grade! So now i was waiting for the last exam to come back and tell me if i passed or not!

June came and the start of june came and it was time for summer break! I also got the last exam back and it was passing grade so now i had nothing to worry about for the next semester! The rest of June i enjoyed quietly and just enjoyed the fact that it was now summer and i was gonna work abit during the summer!

July I didnt do much and it was spent relaxing and working at the end of July it was great! But the time was going really fast and soon it was time for August again and back to uni at the end of the month!

August The uni started again and with it we went into 6 different subjects: Arts and Crafts, Theatrical, biology, physics, technical, chemistry and it was such an learning curve! We were gonna have 2 written exams at campus! These exams we stressed over so much but i passed all exept 1 so that will be written in 2020 again!

September Didnt really bring anything except alot of studying for the exams that we had, but September ran away and into October we went!

October Came this month was filled with studying for exam in theatrical and arts and crafts and after this exam was done i never thought i would pass the exam! I had lunch with my friend the same afternoon as this exam and we talked since he is studying aswell, and had an exam but the result would come in November if i passed it or not!

November This month was the best in this semester cause it was the internship month and it contained so much great things! I learned so much about myself aswell as in what way i wanna work as a teacher when i get my degree.

I am very passionate for the theatrical and i notice the further i get into this education the more i see myself wanna focus on just the theatrical when i am done and get to start working properly!

Also the best game i have been waiting for since January was finally released on November 15th!

December This month has been focused on studies since we have exams we gotta prepare before the end of this semester on the 17th of January! So those preparations have been done and now it is done.

And now today is the 31st of December and i hope you all will have a great new years and also thank you all so much for the amazing support this year and i hope you will keep supporting and reading next year. Cause next year i think will bring some good things for me!



By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!


    1. Thanks i aim to try keep a summery of the big events that happends each month throughout the year 🙂 Glad you liked the post ^^


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