Friday now weekend once again!

So now Friday has come again and with it another weekend will take place! Today me and my group finished the group assignment and just need to write everything into a powerpoint so there isnt much more to do before wednesday wich is great! I need to study up on the words and everything for…… Continue reading Friday now weekend once again!

Saturday headache and my back is killing me.

So today was a weird day, i had made plans earlier this week but woke up with a headache and my back hurting like crazy so i canceled the plans cause of the mentioned issues. I decided to stay in bed for a long period of time today cause i couldnt physically focus on getting…… Continue reading Saturday headache and my back is killing me.

Sunday the storm is coming..

Today is the day when storm that causing problems in europe is hitting Sweden.. I dont think it will that bad at my place but i heard about other countries getting roofs broken, windows shattered, walls pulled off.. I hope that if you are affected by the storm that you will be safe! Currently my…… Continue reading Sunday the storm is coming..

Thursday slow day with abit of work!

Yea so today i woke up early stayed in bed and didnt do much.. Got up abit later and had some breakfast and watched some tv, before it was time to do some chores and then grocery shopping. Had lunch and then away to work we go for a few hours. Preparing notes for tomorrows…… Continue reading Thursday slow day with abit of work!

Wednesday, lecture and more assignments!

Today was the last day at uni until December! It started with an arts and crafts lecture, then we had information about an upcoming examination and finally a informational meeting about the coming internship! I got home after 5pm and i was so tired so i did fall asleep in the car on the way…… Continue reading Wednesday, lecture and more assignments!

Friday Exam prep!

Yes today was Friday and i spent it with my classmates preparing for exams that is due in 1.5 weeks! We got a physics, chemistry and technology exam so we worked on that! Now its weekend tho and on Monday its the three days on Uni with lectures, exams and more! Longest day is Tuesday…… Continue reading Friday Exam prep!

Sunday seems there will be a long winter..

Third day in a row that it now is really cold and negative degrees outside.. I really dont want this kind of weather yet, since its way to early for “winter” to make its way here! If it stays this cold then it might stick around until March/April before the warmer weather is coming back……… Continue reading Sunday seems there will be a long winter..