Today started weirdly.. I woke up by someone screaming.. (noone was screaming) but i dreamt someone was screaming probably… Then when i woke up to go get ready and have breakfast i felt like someone punched my head.. was weird. Work was fine and went really fast as always! Went to do some grocery shopping […]

So today i woke up had a small breakfast like normally.. and then i took my allergy pill cause i was gonna go out and do groceries. When i started walking down the stairs and outside i noticed my breathing was quite heavy, like normally i breath abit heavy but this was hard to breath […]

Today my back have been really hard on me.. It hurts when i walk, when i sit and even when i lie down at certain positions.. Yea it is a pain in the behind! But yea i did listen to a song today that really reflect my own current emotions so i will leave it […]