Today i have been feeling really off… like no matter what i try and do it just doesnt work for me. I normally dont have these days but today i really threw in the towel cause i had a bad day all together. I hope your day been better then mine! And if not then […]

Today have been abit weird, like not in a bad way or anything but it has felt off. I havent been feeling very productive today and i still managed to make several things happend today.. So i was being productive but i didnt feel like i was.. it was weird… Now here we are again […]

Today started weirdly.. I woke up by someone screaming.. (noone was screaming) but i dreamt someone was screaming probably… Then when i woke up to go get ready and have breakfast i felt like someone punched my head.. was weird. Work was fine and went really fast as always! Went to do some grocery shopping […]