Saturday those cloud looked amazing

So today i taken a calm day, really just focusing on stuff i wanted to do and work on, so i enjoyed this Saturday!

The thing was as i was walking down to do something i looked outside and on the horizon there was these towering huge black clouds, lining up and seemed to be moving closer to me as i was just watching, then a few minutes later i heard the sound, thunder in the distance.

I am one of those people who kinda like hearing thunder for some reason that keeps me calm inside, even tho it is a dangerous nature phenomenon, but i like it and have always liked it since i was a young kid.

During the evening i did get reports from people who are play testing my game about a few things i will have to update/ change cause one of the things that got reported was kinda game breaking as it made the character stuck in a endless black screen that was supposed to not be there!

As feedback will be coming in i will be making changes and updates to the game. In the end i think i will be able to make a good game for people to enjoy, atleast i hope so.

For now i already done some changes but as more feedback will be sent in the more i will be changing the game up and soon enough i can start working on area 2 wich wont be the biggest area in the world but i need to add in the new characters aswell as more of the backstory that lies and wait around the corner for the protaganist!

I hope your weekend is nice and tomorrow is Sunday so i will be enjoying that before going back to work and studying next week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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