Friday preparing for saturday!

So yes today work just flew by it feels like, it was such a calm day and people tend to stress to much about stupid things, yes i know cause i do the same! But it all works out in the end just relax!

So yes today at work we were supposed to be low on people cause they were sick, some had vacation and more BUT it worked out just fine and it was a great day, there was a certain calm around the preschool that i feel just a few times a year, today was one of them where it just flew by like nothing.

There was laughter, playing everywhere and we even managed to work some more n decorations and pictures that they feel like doing it was a great day and everyone just enjoyed the day.

After work i went to do some grocery shopping cause i have some friends (potentially) come over to my place tomorrow to have food and just socialize wich is all good, so gotta get food preps for tomorrow so thats what i was getting. Now i look forward to this weekend and then i work 3 more days before being off for 4 days cause christmas then work 2 days and be off 12 so thats gonna be really nice!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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