Wednesday feeling abit drained..

So yea the sun is still around, but its starting to get really warm, sure its enjoyable but it really drains the energy you might have saved up! Now there is only tomorrow left and then its midsummer and its gonna be great! Got plans hopefully we have good weather! //Dan

Thursday the day seemed like it never was gonna end?

So yea todays closing shift felt like it was never gonna come to and end. It was a long day and the ice havent let up so yea its even more slippery today then yesterday! So yea today at work we have been quite busy with our ice and snow project wich is slowly but…… Continue reading Thursday the day seemed like it never was gonna end?

Thursday another long day but we have snow!

So yes last night it started snowing, it was really nice looking outside my window watching the snow fall slowly past the streetlights. The snow just have been keep falling and it has been really enjoyable seeing the ground finally turning white! Its not much on the ground just yet but there is enough to…… Continue reading Thursday another long day but we have snow!

Thursday work, exam and headache.

So today i started working at 7:30am and my exam was to open at 10am, so i got to work and it was so calm so i was thinking for a split second that i could work on the exam while there was nothing more that could be done… But i reminded myself that it…… Continue reading Thursday work, exam and headache.

Friday a motivating day!

So today at work i decided that since we had an opportunity to fix things around the yard and more i decided to get some crayons and started sketching up things that have to do with traffic rules and it was so much fun, they wondered what i was doing so i gave them an…… Continue reading Friday a motivating day!