Thursday work, exam and headache.

So today i started working at 7:30am and my exam was to open at 10am, so i got to work and it was so calm so i was thinking for a split second that i could work on the exam while there was nothing more that could be done… But i reminded myself that it opens on 10am… So no exam i could do.

After work i get home and i sit down and i start trying to get through this exam, normally this exam would have 3 hours as their limit, but we got it extended until the next day 5pm, so well enough time you might think. Well it took me 4 hours to get through the first 2 questions cause i didnt understand the questions, the formulation made my brain go blank, i dont know why cause it is not any different questions then before.

Well 4 hours later i took a break for 1 hour to clear my mind, cause this exam was not big in the sence of big but it was gonna be inclueded so many topics so that might be why i struggled abit.

Anyway 5 hours have now passed since i started working on the exam, and now i start again and working on the exam, now 11:15pm 7 hours later i finally have finished it and sent it in for evaluation and i hope there will be a passing grade, but who knows.

But the answer if i passed or failed will come in a few weeks so i will post when the result is in!

Tomorrow its friday and then weekend wich i will be relaxing on cause this week killed me with 2 exams back to back, and this way is how it will be all this semester, every 4-5 weeks we have back to back exams, group. written and another written exam.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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