Saturday weekend again.

So the weekend is here once again and that means we are closing in on the final week of 2020! Next year probably wont be any different from how 2020 been but we will see. I am just gonna enjoy the weekend and relax! //Dan

Friday soon weekend!

Today was last workday of work week. Now onto this weekend where i will just relax and play some games and just movies for the full weekend. I hope you will have a good weekend! //Dan

Saturday a calm day.

Today i been enjoying a pretty calm day, nothing really happend and i am quite happy about that. The weather was nice aswell, and everything was pretty relaxed today, even the birds seemed to take it easy today! These days is truely a great thing! //Dan

Wednesday it is the last work day for a few weeks!

Today was the last proper work day as i know for a few weeks atleast. But got never know if they need me as a substitute sooner or later! These past days has been quite intense and i was drained well i still am drained but im recovering. Tomorrow im gonna take it slow and…… Continue reading Wednesday it is the last work day for a few weeks!