Today i been enjoying a pretty calm day, nothing really happend and i am quite happy about that. The weather was nice aswell, and everything was pretty relaxed today, even the birds seemed to take it easy today! These days is truely a great thing! //Dan

Today was a good day, the sun was shining BUT the allthough the sun was shining it was blowing cold winds! When the wind wasnt blowing it was quite enjoyable outside! And now that it is saying the spring is coming aswell! So that means more allergy… yay? The rest of the evening was spent┬átaking […]

Today was a really enjoyable and relaxing day, i felt like today i dont really have to do anything and it was the right decision that i needed. I will take atleast one day a week were i dont do anything and just enjoy the tranquility. Cause the world is way to stressful and high […]

Today i enjoyed the day which was warm but cloudy! I been staring at the clouds listning to a podcast today and reflecting over some things today. It is intresting the clouds just slowly drift either fast or they just seem to be stuck, it was quite enjoyable just sitting back and enjoy watching them. […]