So it has been awhile since i posted a gratitude post! So i feel it is time once again. Yesterday broke last years visitor and view count out the window, i am amazed that there is abit over 2 months of 2020 left and last years records is already beaten. I wanna say thank you […]

So today if there wouldnt have been the whole covid-19 pandemic raging in the world this weekend would be the town fair that comes once a year and you meet people you dont often see more then once a year. But due to the pandemic ofcourse this was closed so no surprice there, and i […]

Today i just kept asking myself at points where are the world going? With everything that is currently going on and what keeps happening i really do wonder what is and where are we going with our world? People are in such a rush to get back to normal that the people who are supposed […]

So in the middle of this corona pandemic i am really surpriced at how people are reacting. People asking questions like “Can i go to this high risk area i am healthy?” Like sure ignore what every scientist and virologist is saying… This is not ordinary flu and it is spreading like wildfire STILL. Before […]