Wednesday this seem to be escalating…

So today i was still feeling sick in my stomach, so after i had my exam this morning i called work and said im staying home for an additional day wich will be tomorrow Thursday as i felt i really needed it since i am not completely rid of the stomach acting up as of yet.

Later this afternoon around 5pm i started feeling my throat as it was hurting, so i am suspecting i am now getting sick, not sure what this will end with… I also around 7pm started having a runny nose so this is just great… I just hope this goes away fast, seeing as both the pandemic (Covid-19) and the regular flu is going around this makes me abit sceptical as to what this is. I just hope it stops at this and goes away the next few days preferably by Saturday…

But knowing my imune system it might take a few extra days before this will be completely gone, but we will see i really dont have time for this right now, I am also suspecting it might be the fact i have been under alot of stress as of late aswell. This semester is probably lieing in the back of my head, and just waiting to kick me down and thats why i have had built up stress hormone in my body wich weakens my imune system as it already is pretty weak.

But as i said i just hope this will go away in a few days but now ima call it a day and get some sleep, luckily last night i slept like a log!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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