So it has been awhile since i posted a gratitude post! So i feel it is time once again. Yesterday broke last years visitor and view count out the window, i am amazed that there is abit over 2 months of 2020 left and last years records is already beaten. I wanna say thank you […]

So today at work and all was great! But what came after work closer to the evening was not that nice.. I was watching some youtube video when from nowhere my right leg cramped up completely from top to bottom.. I screamed straight out cause it hurt like hell.. I managed to walk down stairs […]

So today i used majority of the day to do some reflection on past experiences. One thought that hit me in these times of illness and Corona going around, where people are worried and scared for what will happend. I am of the mindset that i am not to worried cause YES it is a […]

I woke up at 5am! I mean normally it isnt an issue but i didnt have to wake up so why did i… Been busy today tho, helping with tire changing, making lunch, grocery shopping, bits and pieces to do at home and also 2 reflective assignments that i will post tomorrow for uni! But […]

Today i been checking my books and trying to understand what i am reading at some points, its not like i dont understand it is just that i need to reflect more about this semesters subjects more cause there are so many. But it is just to keep my head straight and tackle one thing […]

So today i done abit of studying. 5 minutes no more.. played some breath of the wild wich keeps me dra drawn in with the artstyle. But as the day went on i noticed myself feeling more and more uneasy.. i dont know why or for what reason but i just felt like something was […]