Today i got to sleep in abit! Started working 9am and it was nice weather outside so at work we went for a walk outside in the nice weather! The afternoon was spent outside in the sun and a nice 22 degrees, when i was closing up the sun was shining BUT the rain was […]

So Thursday this week i got access to the list of books i need for the upcoming semester.. I now started looking for the books aswell as ordered one of them. Next week i most likely will be buying the rest as i know they probably will be sold out / problematic to get my […]

So today at work and all was great! But what came after work closer to the evening was not that nice.. I was watching some youtube video when from nowhere my right leg cramped up completely from top to bottom.. I screamed straight out cause it hurt like hell.. I managed to walk down stairs […]

Today started 5:45am the earliest i gone up in quite some time! The problem is i woke up at 2am aswell and that kinda screwed my sleeping up so i been really low on energy throughout today.. The weather sadly was pretty bad… So om we couldnt go outside cause it was pouring down.. But […]