Thursday the evening wasnt that pleasant..

So today at work and all was great! But what came after work closer to the evening was not that nice..

I was watching some youtube video when from nowhere my right leg cramped up completely from top to bottom.. I screamed straight out cause it hurt like hell.. I managed to walk down stairs to take some pills that contains ingrediences that help when you get these cramps.

The problem is i have had cramp in my lower leg, foot, toes, but never and i mean NEVER the whole leg at once.. My leg wanted to twist it self and i had to make sure it didnt while massaging my leg..

Took 10 minutes to get the cramp to subside but i am worried it will come back during the night..

Tomorrow is Friday and then its once again weekend so that means July is officially over and we are entering August.. wich means 1 month left until uni starts.. the final 2 semesters are now coming up. But then it will be done and my bachelor i been fighting for will have been reached! Aswell as it is ONLY 40 WEEKS LEFT of uni!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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