I just wanna say thank you!

So it has been awhile since i posted a gratitude post! So i feel it is time once again.

Yesterday broke last years visitor and view count out the window, i am amazed that there is abit over 2 months of 2020 left and last years records is already beaten.

I wanna say thank you for reading my posts, i imagine some days they arent intresting at all, cause lets phase it my life as it currently is aint that exciting with how the current world is looking!

The past few days have all been about the fact i am sick and that is taking up quite alot of my current emotional settings so i cant think about much else cause it takes up all my time worrying about this.

Tomorrow is Monday and i am gonna try see if i can go and do a covid test IF the doctors/nurses think i should, i keep reading the symptoms and i dont really have those types but in my head it is like “BUT WHAT IF” so yea that awaits tomorrow..

Hope your weekend been good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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