Sunday grateful!

So yes ever since i started realising more about myself and shared it with friends that taken it very well so im happy to have them in my life. But yea when im surrounded by people who have good energy i get more energy and my friend were in a discord call with me and…… Continue reading Sunday grateful!

I just wanna say thank you!

So it has been awhile since i posted a gratitude post! So i feel it is time once again. Yesterday broke last years visitor and view count out the window, i am amazed that there is abit over 2 months of 2020 left and last years records is already beaten. I wanna say thank you…… Continue reading I just wanna say thank you!

Grateful! Here is a thank you from me!

Yes todays blogpost will be about the fact that i am incredibly grateful for all the support (Likes, Follows, Clicks). I know my past few weeks have been kinda lowkey or francly fairly sad toned posts, but when i go on my website and i see a new notification, “xxx have liked your post, xxx…… Continue reading Grateful! Here is a thank you from me!