Tuesday exam writing mode engage! Also thank you!

Today i started on the exam that is due in 2 days! The words flew out of me and seems to be on another level atleast in the way i wrote it..

Tomorrow im pretty sure i will be finishing the exam, if it continues like this.. can only hope that it will.

I will also start working on my retake and see if i can polish it up abit more, you never know until i get there!

I didnt get a reply back from the person today but should get a reply back within a few days i hope.. Else i just have to send it to others and see who i can get help from. Since it does impact my future i kinda need a guide to tell me what roads i can take.

On another note: 2000+ visits and 30+ followers! Thanks it hasnt been a year and it has reached this amount already! I am grateful and i hope that you will continue enjoying the posts i publish every day! So from me to everyone thank you so much!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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