Grateful! Here is a thank you from me!

Yes todays blogpost will be about the fact that i am incredibly grateful for all the support (Likes, Follows, Clicks). I know my past few weeks have been kinda lowkey or francly fairly sad toned posts, but when i go on my website and i see a new notification, “xxx have liked your post, xxx have followed” that gives me a smile on my face.

There is also more to come from my side since i do plan on keeping up these posts cause it gives me a place to spill the beans about how my day been, how bad / good i feel, or even just a short post saying hello.

I am thankful that my years playing mmorpgs have improved my english skills, not only written by spoken aswell, even tho it aint perfect by far or even nearly where i kinda wanna be. I do know that my english is better now then it was just a few years ago, the issue i have is that when i think of a word i hear the spelling and i write it out EVEN tho that is completely incorrect, but dictionaries excist for a reason or am i wrong?!

I just wanted to leave a note of gratitude towards all of you that read my post, even if you only read this one or only have read a past or even a future one, i hope you will know that i am happy that just you are reading this. Sure it might sound sleezy but this is how i feel!

To end this post i am leaving some music that i found today, its a great tune and this will end my Tuesday and hope your Tuesday been/is great!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!