Wednesday the day that the world changed just a bit for me.

Today have been a day where my world opened up some more, i spilled tears, i opened what was in my head. I even got to understand something about the people around me. I also realised how important that communication and to talk about how i feel inside is.

To start off i will leave a song that fit the theme of todays post quite well.

Anyway to start off from the start, i got told today that i had been acting like i was really really irritated on the people around me when we where at uni, i had to tell them that was not the case but that i was really stressed and going out of my mind to not have a complete breakdown.

I also opened up that if they ever feel like i act that way again to tell me, even tho i am an really emotional person when there is to many people around i tend to get lost in the wave of emotions. I cant really break wave of emotions by myself so i need someone to snap me out of it.

I also opened up something that have been deep down in my mind and something i didnt think i would have to share, but today just was a day where i felt it was better to spill all the beans about who i am and how i really feel on a day to day basis.

But i now also know that i am not alone in feeling like i am, and that there are so many more feeling like this and that there is help to get. But i also spoke the fact that how i feel about everything and how much everyone that is around me mean to me.

Even tho i say how much people mean to me i can never really show it cause the amount of gratitude and happiness people given me the past year is imense. Yesterday evening i had another moment where my mind goes:

So there is time to work to make some changes, so that i can become who i am meant to really be.

A question i have is:
– Dont we all carry some darkness inside? But some just dont let the darkness break through or?


To enter another subject i am amazed that in less then 5 months i have had over 1000 clicks on this website. So thanks so much for reading!
From yesterday i will leave comment fields open incase someone one day will leave a comment!


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