Thursday calm day with some excitement!

Today started normally, i really wanted to sleep some more… But in the end i had to wake up to have some breakfast before going out to do some minor groceries… When we where driving to get the groceries we saw a car being parked at a crossover, and a copcar standing on the sidewalk talking to what i pressume was the owner of the car. It was abit weird cause the car was parked so no other car could pass, and abit later when we reached the store we heard and saw the ambulance going the direction of the copcar and the person. So we speculated that something had happend to a person in the car or something, i still dont know cause i havent seen any news about it.

The rest of the day flew by not much happend, i found out that the serie “Sex Education” on netflix is getting a second season! This made me quite happy cause it is one serie i liked watching for the awkward main character and his mom. But also the fact that the first season ended in such a way that it left so many questions to be answered! So hopefully the second season will answer some of them!

Tomorrow is Friday and im gonna work on uni assignments aswell as prepare things for my internship that starts in 1 week, and that internship will be for 5 whole weeks! That is gonna be amazing!

Also happy valentines day everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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