Friday on the way to internship!

The week 9 is going to be the start of my five weeks of the internship, it is gonna be amazing. I called my internship place today and i know i am gonna have a great time during my 5 weeks of internship.

I already have some ideas on what kind of activities i can do, but we will see IF they fit into the planned activities at my internship place! It will be alot of fun cause i will have the same mentor i had one year ago, to see how much i have learned this past year!

But next week i have 1 exam i need to finish, I dont have a direct plan for the exam in mind, but hopefully i can come up with something either tomorrow or Sunday and just starting scetching down some ideas. Cause this exam is different in the sence that we really have free imagination to write this exam, all we gotta do is fit in the 5 different themes and show our understanding on how to apply it in an activity on a preschool.

We will see how it will go i will keep you all updated!

Have a great weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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