Have you ever had a question that stuck with you all your life since you first heard it? Well i have one of those questions with me everyday of the week throughout the year. The question that follow me is “where are you going?” This question has been with me since i was 14 years […]

Today i spent reflecting on the fact that time really do fly by without anyone being able to do anything about it. I been a student for almost 2 years now (2 years in January) and it feels insane that 2 years almost have gone by already! I do wonder what would happend if time […]

Today i was asked to work from 8am to 1pm but then i got to switch shift with a coworker so i got to work until 3:30pm. At work i had an intresting discussion about various mushrooms and fishes. The best part working at preschool is to get answers and then look for those answers […]

Today have been great, could sleep in and had breakfast and lunch before going to work! Feeling good cause the sun was out and it was hot like perfect weather to work in! I am lucky i decided to work with what i do, cause i get to socialize, investigate questions i normally dont think […]