Thursday a thought have once again surfaced…

So yea today as i walked to work i was thinking where this world is going towards..

But yea its quite hard to put this down into writting cause it was so much that came into my mind and i just got more and more sad the longer my train of thought kept going..

So i was thinking about the kids in todays world, parents that work themselfs to near burnout just cause they think their kids “NEEDS” that new gucci / prada / game consol / you name it. When in reality i honestly i just think they need YOU as a parent to be there for them, not as a broken husk of a human and more as a person to talk and guide them in life.

Yes there are parents who does it, but the general public if you look around you can see more and more parents working and working and then over working themself slowly to death.

I want to ask a few questions to all the parents out there:

– When your kids grow up and look back at their childhood what will they remember of you?

– Why does your kid need a material thing over your presence?

– In 5 years what do you see your relationship to your child to be like?

Anyway now tomorrow is friday and im so happy to finally be done with this week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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