Sunday is this only coincidence or…

So yea my day started pretty good but took a bad turn and spun my mood 360 degrees in a few minutes..

So i been having alot on my mind together with other things i rather not deal with currently..

But today i was browsing youtube like normally trying to find both new music, new channels and new meditation guides to listen to and follow. But i came across a tarot reading a “general tarot reading” wich means things will be connected to you in one way or another.

But this video started with showing 4 piles of cards and the reader said to pick and fast forward to the pile reading that seemed to call to you. So i decided to play along and the only pile that called out to me was the second one..

There it started i jumped to the second pile reading and she placed and talked about all the cards and i was intrigued how much will i connect with and how much is like this aint worth watching..

After she had showed all cards she started talking about what they represent and how they connect with eachother.. everything she stated i recogniced myself into, i connected way to much with the cards and the significance of what they meant.

From the cards i learned:

1. I am struggling with making sence of who i am. I have not yet discovered who i truely am but i am on the way.

2. I am terrified of a choice i am struggling with how i should handle it.

3. I am hiding things about myself that is stopping me from reaching my full potential. Cause by voicing these things i might be thrown away cause its different.

4. She brought up meditation and thats also something i started with recently.

5. It mentioned that music really is talking to me and that is also true.

There was alot that just struck me as it was talking about my life, these 5 points are the keypoints but yea it made me think and reflect and i will keep meditating to get answers to questions i need to solve myself.

I hope you have had a good weekend and now a new week beacons!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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