Sunday sometimes we just need to think..

Yea so i dont really know how to structure this post or even process how to get it down today. It has nothing to do with that i cant formulate it, but it has to do with not going to deep into the subject at hand.

So here we go i have been thinking and looking at Twitter, Facebook, news networks, and other sources of media and i have noticed a decline in people that actually stop, read and think before replying.. everything gets turned into a big controvercy and noone seems to stop and think before replying.

There is people who openly reply with things they would never say face to face to another person but it is ok to post shit online?

No its not okay and people who does that should not be surpriced when friends they had starts to avoid and stops contacting them after a post like that.

We are all humans, but for some reason we have started declining in the common sence departement, we are losing a battle with ourselfs and starts fearing things that we shouldnt.

Life as it currently is have enough problems as it is with the pandemic, declining mental health and other issues we dont need a war with our common sence also.

Before replying to something do the following and ask yourself these questions:

1. Should i post this?

2. Would i dare to say this to someone else?

3. Is this information really accurate?

If the answer is no to even one of these questions DONT post it and think about it more. Its time we start taking care of eachother and not wage an unnecessary war among ourselfs.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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