Sunday a calm mind helps ease the troubled mind..

I feel alright today, not like im myself but im feeling okay. I dont know if its cause im able to just relax and be in an enviorment where I dont have to stress or rethink about everything..

I slept great, 8 hours maybe woke up once in these 8 hours but fell back asleep almost instantly, so im doing good. Havent slept this good in a few weeks aswell.

I just feel calm and relaxed when I just hangout with my friend, there are moments where we dont talk but just sit there doing nothing and other times we start discuss something. But its all good!

I tell my best friend pretty much everything thats troubling my mind, how I feel etc, well you get the picture.

Sure I still feel empty and sad but atleast I got this weekend to just for a moment laugh, and forget that im empty on the inside.

I also was thinking how to make the rooms, since im getting a 3 bedroom appartment I gotta see how I wanna set everything up, like themewise anyway.

For now my idea is that I combine the living room with a gaming/streaming room.

My master bedroom is gonna be just a relax area and the last room will be my library/guest bedroom for the time being, but thats my current idea might change who knows, I get to make it my own place in a month anyway!

Now onto a new week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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