Saturday spent with movies! 1 year Anniversary post!

Yes once again i went to the movies! It has been a while and it was awesome like always, discussing everything between life,studies and vacation aswell as movies and good food!

The first movie i went to was Malificent 2 and it was good! It told the story (continuation from the first movie) about love, hate, deception, tragedy, harmony! It was intresting to learn new things about the character Malificent!

The second movie was Terminator Dark Fate and it indeed had the traditional terminator elements to it. There are the evil guy and the group of good guys who fight to save tomorrow (simplified).

It was intresting to once again see Arnold back in the movie, but this time he doesnt appear from the get go and he have what i would say a smaller role to play in the movie. But im happy to see him back on the big screen!

Also this post marks my 365th post wich means my first year aniversary as a blogger is here! Now its time to go into year 2 with new energy and more exciting / not so exciting things to share with you all!

So from me to all of you thanks for the support this past year and i hope you will stick around!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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