Friday today is Friday!

Today was the day when my group from uni had booked in a meeting, to discuss the exam. We started at 8:15am this morning, and we did a quick progress and then we finished around 11 maybe 12 i cant remember what the time was. Side assignments and all to prepare for the big exam date on the 16th.

I also made a small discovery about myself today wich is an improvement, i have started growing as person in my own reguard. This year has already been an rollercoaster in an emotional level, i have already had days with happiness and days with pure anger. But i also noticed something my friend told me today, that maybe the place, my room, building i live in harbor negative feelings. I have started being affected by them, so i gotta try and change the general feeling here at home.

Cause even tho i might feel like complete crap, i know there are people out there who feels ten of thousand times worse then me. I also know there are people who have it alot worse then me and they are happy.

There are more important things in life then feeling sad and just try and walk each day as it should be walked.

To finish of this blogpost i will leave a little song for all of you to enjoy!