Thursday i exploaded!

So this morning i woke up like always, went outside did some grocery shopping cause we didnt have any ingredients for the sauce for todays lunch. Wich was gonna be salmon and potatoes, well i went out and like yesterday i was feeling pretty good and happy, but when i got home checked my phone and saw i had an message from the teacher that is grading my exam. She stated that i hadnt hand in my reflection of my retake exam and i had to send her a message back saying “When i got my retake exam i never was asked for an reflection”. I got an reply back saying well i cant give you an grade before you will hand it in to me. I get annoyed cause this was something i would have liked to have known beforehand, but took me an hour and half to write this reflection and send it back to the teacher.

I just would have liked that they give these kind of assignments in a proper way next time, cause i thought i had done everything i was asked about, and then later this afternoon i was sent another message saying that i hadnt send her the fieldtrip exam, well no wonder cause that was already sent to another teacher.. Well she was gonna talk to the teacher so i just left at that.

But francly these small things just make me react in a bad way, i litterly went downstairs for lunch and screamed MAYBE I SHOULD JUST QUIT THIS! But i wont cause i really like the uni and my classmates and the teachers. I do understand that they have much on their plates and i know they probably have a few 100 students that they need to give grades.

On another note need to focus on the exams in front of me so that i can enter next semester with me being my energetic self!