Tuesday and it was a day for my studies!

Today i went out by train for the first time to visit a town i havent really been to before. But i didnt come there for fun, well not entirely for fun!

Today was the day when we had to do an interview so i was in charge of recording the interview wich my classmate was in charge of asking the questions, the interview took abit over 40 minutes to complete, but to sit and listen to a preschool teacher who talked about the special adjustments that we all need to do on a daily basis was amazing. It opened up many ideas and francly ways to focus on the task at hand. So what is now gonna happend? Well i gotta listen to the recording and write down what she says into a graph wich we will be adding into a result, wich is gonna be used for our exam next Wednesday!

So tomorrow i am gonna be listening to this recording and writing the graph, it is gonna be a new experience for my part, since i havent really done this before, atleast not in this way.

Today i also been dreaming abit, cause i kinda wanna own a bookstore in the future, but that is only a dream that is probably not gonna happend for quite some time. Well we can all dream!

I hope your Tuesday been great!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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