Today i woke up at 4am and then went back to sleep again for a few more hours cause lecture werent starting until 9am so i slept until 8:10am so i could have a calm breakfast and prepare abit before the lecture. The issue is that during lecture i zoned out completely and only managed […]

So today i got the big exam result! It was a passing grade! 3 out of 3 exams passed this semester! Now there is only 3 exams left before summer is here and then it will be vacation until late August! Next week will be used for preparing exams, so that feels good to be […]

So today have been intresting, i been productive! Busy but productive! So after lunch i checked my phone and i saw i had a notification from my uni app. Always intresting to see what it was all about! I open and i see its about my exam, and always when i open these my head […]