Tuesday another week another opportunity

So today have been intresting, i been productive! Busy but productive!

So after lunch i checked my phone and i saw i had a notification from my uni app. Always intresting to see what it was all about! I open and i see its about my exam, and always when i open these my head goes: “well how bad did i fail this time?”

But as i read the long francly really long comment it states that it is ok, BUT i have an error in quote that i need to fix and resubmit the exam.

So now i fixed the quote and have to wait until i can send it in again.. But atleast i can breath out abit!

I also been working on my CV cause last time i updated it was 3 years ago… So filled in my internships and summer work aswell as filled in new skills i have aquired!

Slowly but surely i can see the light at the end of this student life! Just need to survive and fight to pass the exams!