Wednesday all about the election.

So i am gonna just talk about politics and make this a short post cause today all i seen, read, gotten news about is the big and important election that is now happenings in america.

Who will get to rule america for 4 years? Will it be Biden or Trump. Well the vote counting is still going on and well the answer will be coming the next few days i believe..

The amount of content creators i seen making animations and telling people to go and vote have been amazing and i read somewhere alot of people went and voted!

It feels abit weird that its already been 4 years and well time flies and it is quite intense if you think about it how fast the days, weeks, months and years truely go by…



    1. I know its not the best word to choose in this reguard, it was the first word to come to mind, i could change it to “who will the people have decided on is yet to be decided”

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