Thursday work and my ear is acting up again.

So today i woke up with my ear being abit wonky again. I am unsure why but it was not a pleasent surprice lets say that, normally it goes away after a few minutes when i have had breakfast and get ready but today it stayed until i got into work and then it was good again.

So the day went by fast and i still am following the american election and also reading up more about the Swedish corona strategi cause i am waiting for more rules and restrictions to come into play but i guess i am waiting to no awail. But hopefully the deciders of Sweden steps up soon cause this is francly just getting riddiculous the amount of cases are getting out of hand once again.

I dont really have any faith in them at the moment cause there was a statement made by the leading health organisation head of staff where he stated “We could not predict that it would get this bad this fall season” Before summer they said “it wont be as bad as this spring” well guess again pal we now am worse and its still climbing so we need to do something preferably yesterday but no… instead the restrictions were lifted and now we instantly see the effect of it. Great yea nope im francly dissapointed and anoyed with how this is being handled.


By Dan

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