Saturday going out for breakfast!

So today is Saturday and its a really relaxing day, didnt really sleep okay last night, no idea why not but couldnt fall asleep only so it was just ones of those nights.

But yea after we woke up this morning we decided to go out cause i have promised my mom to get her a pair of pants since i am in the “big city” anyway with all the stores and all that. So we went out for that and then we went to the coffee shop for breakfast, wich was really nice.

Then we went for a walk around town and its a really enjoyable walk and i feel absolutly comfortable with this person next to me and it just feels great.

Back at the apartment i went for a nap around 2pm cause i felt really tired so it was a good time to relax and just close my eyes for abit. Then when i woke up i played abit more before i it was time for our dinner. Wich today consited of BBQed bell pepper, quorn rockets and baked potatoe wich was really nice.

The rest of the evening is just gonna be spent with playing some games and chillin wich is a really nice ending to this Saturday! Tomorrow i have had vacation for 3 weeks already its crazy but im enjoying every single day so far!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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