Monday a feeling of unease filled my day..

So today have been abit of a challenge for me, mentally and its not me that is struggling today but i still feel very helpless in this situation and it doesnt sit well with me..

So yea this morning i wokeup and was in a call with a very dear friend of mine who i love alot, and i was told that they were bombarded with questions and alot more last night..

As i heard this I looked at the logic side and tried to process it myself together with them. But the more i heard the more unease i felt in my stomach and i noticed i was holding my breath quite alot during this conversation.

There was alot of things that needed to be processed and then i had to hangup cause i had to go out, i didnt really feel like going out but i needed to do it. I needed to help my parents and so i went to do the errand and then home to them for lunch.

I got home around 3pm again and then i still didnt feel okay, the morning discussion still was fresh in my head so i decided to lay down in my bed to just clear my head abit. I ended up hugging the new pillow i bought and i fell asleep and woke up at 6pm so i kinda took a 2 hour nap, that wasnt the plan but that is how it is.

The brain still filtering and feeling abit heavy so i couldnt really shake this feeling i have had all day. But I know my friend is doing abit better atleast and that is what keeps me going. But there have been so much shit the past 2 weeks and i know how much they needed a full weekend to rest and recharge, this didnt really help them recharge anything…

But yea tomorrow is back to work, time flies way to fast and soon enough its gonna be summer and vacation times.

Now ima step onto the rest of the week with hopefully more energy tomorrow!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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