Social media promote!

So i know i dont really promote my own work and much less my social media channels that i use on a pretty much daily basis! So today i decided ima take this post and do some selfpromotion cause i feel i wanna do it!

Seeing as it is easter and i this week done both creative stuff aswell as got back into both streaming and making videos again it is time for some selfpromo!

So i been on Twitter for 7 years this June so that is an insane amount of time! But i really like twitter over facebook/Instagram cause it is like a microblog and it fits me just perfectly! But i wanna grow even more on twitter currently i am on 532 followers wich is amazing! I never thought i would get even 100 but here i am with over 500! I wanna try reach 600 or more this year so if you have twitter and wanna support me go follow

I am also active now once again on youtube making videos about one of my longest played games namely Maplestory! I am on 140 subscribers and i wanna continue to grow so all help to get me closer to 150-200 subscribers are more then welcome!

Finally i will call about twitch, twitch i been on for 3 years now, on and off reguarding streaming cause i eventually burn myself out doing this, dont get me wrong i love streaming but sometimes i put to much pressure on myself so i dont even know where i am going… I am on 220 followers on there my goal is 300! Today i added sub badges and new emotes to my twitch so the grind is on! If you are able to give me a follow that would be amazing!

There thats enough self promotion! Easter is here, stay safe and have a great weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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