Wednesday lecture and then something more!

Todays lecture was intresting, it was about the word “care” and what we really do put into the word “care” do we only deal with caring for younger kids, and elderly or does care happend at all times and doesnt really have a set formula for when there is a care situation?

I noticed i really do am passionate about this word “care” cause it isnt only about taking care of someone else it is about caring for and be there for everyone inclueding yourself, both physically and mentally.

Today really ignited my thoughts and i ended up discussing with 7 people about this subject.. So something awoke inside of me!

But that is enough of the first topic i am moving on to the second one! A few days ago i posted about a big news that i was gonna share! And the news is that i was to an job intervju today! I dont know how it went but personally i think it was a good intervju. Now it is just to wait and see if i hear back or not.

That was all and i hope you are staying safe out there!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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