Sunday studies and creating an avatar(?)

Today i finished reading another litterature for next weeks exams. I still have a few texts left but i will be finishing them tomorrow πŸ‘

Like yesterday i did a creative stream and i did wanna create a wolf avatar but quickly i changed my mind and decided to make my maplestory character instead!

It took 1.5 hours but i finished it, seeing as it was my first atempt i say i pass it.. (maybe). I also used the house and it is really hard i gotta admit that!

Here is the picture:

I will be getting myself a stylus for my iPad and start experimenting with drawing on there. But i will also try and improve my mouse painting skills!

But next week is 3 days of exams so the blog posts might be short since i will be completely drained mentally after these days!

Hope your weekend been great!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!