Today been a day where i did not really have a great start! I could not lie in bed and wake up gently… nope had to get up and then onto the daily things i have to do… I also helped out with changing tires today… sadly no time to study since everything got in […]

Today i finished reading another litterature for next weeks exams. I still have a few texts left but i will be finishing them tomorrow 👍 Like yesterday i did a creative stream and i did wanna create a wolf avatar but quickly i changed my mind and decided to make my maplestory character instead! It […]

First exam is done! Was a simple discussion exam that i already know i got a passing grade on! Tomorrow 2 more exams is on the list: Show and tell and Music. Wich is probably gonna be the easier ones but we will see… Wednesdays exam is the worst ones Dance and Math are the […]