Saturday focus on studies and my creative side.

Today i been focusing mainly on my litterature for next week, since we have around 4 or so exams i am trying my best to focus on getting ready for them! I only have 3 more things to read and prepare so that will be done tomorrow.

But i also had a great time today where i streamed my first ever creative stream! I was playing around with photoshop to make a background of some sort. No direct plan when i started the stream.. But 2 hours and 30 minutes later i decided it was gonna be a Sword Art Online background image. So i was selecting the background and then started working on adding in the various characters from the SAO universe!

Here is the finished product:

Tomorrow after i finish studying im doing another creative stream! But i will be working in a completely different program then photoshop! So we will see how that goes!

Hope your day been good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!